2013 Inaugural Run

“The toughest half marathon you’ll ever run!”

Sanctioned half marathon course

Race Bulletin – Wednesday, August 28, 2013

In order to have a great race experience we want to make sure all participants receive accurate up to the date info. Please read carefully!
Race day is nearly here! Thanks to all those brave enough to take on the Powder Mountain Road!

Here are some pertinent race-day details -

Promo codes

If any of you have problems entering promo codes at the online registration please contact us immediately and we will help make sure you get the inaugural year discount.
Contact Dave or Shane with any other questions you might have -
Dave – 801-706-5713; daveineden@gmail.com
Shane – 801-391-0404; shaneineden@gmail.com


Arrive early! Plenty of parking is available at the race start/finish location – Historic Valley Chapel; Eden Park vicinity.

Weather and temperature

So far Saturday morning is looking good. Small chance of participation. Temps should be in the low 50′s to start and into the 70′s at finish.

Race packet pick up and runner sign in

Packet pick up will be between 6:00 AM and 6:30 at the Historic Valley Chapel (northeast of Eden Park) All runners must check in. There will be a pre-race briefing prior to boarding busses.
Race start time – 7:00 AM
We anticipate that most will finish the race between 2 and 4 hours. Again, there is no cut off time, so take as long as you need.

Boarding Buses

All runners will board buses by 6:30 AM and will be transported 4 miles to the official race starting line at Snow Flake Dr and State Road 158 (Powder Mountain Road).


Toilets will be available at the start and finish of the race, and at mile 9 aid station.

Aid Stations

There will be 4 aid stations along the race route.
Mile 3/6 – Powder Mountain Road
mile 4.5 (Powder Mountain, Timberline parking lot)
mile 9 (Snow Flake Dr at SR 158)
mile12 (Valley Market)
Aid stations will be supplied with water, gator aide, ice, sodas, chairs, gels, basic first aid

Traffic Safety

The course will not be officially closed to traffic. However, there should be minimal traffic along the Powder Mountain Road. Any traffic present will likely be going up the road. Use discretion regardless as you run. We recommend that you run (against) facing traffic. Cones, mile markers, directional signs, and caution signs will be placed along the route to assist in visibility.
The Course – The course will be well marked and no one should get lost. Runners are on the main road (SR 158) all of the time with the exception of the last mile. At the last mile (intersection with Valley Market and Maverik) runners will turn left and follow the road (southeast) to another 4-way intersection (Old Eden General Store) at which point the well turn left (east) to the finish line.

Just a reminder

This course is all on asphalt.

Clothing drop

Jackets, gloves, personal gear can be dropped at any aid station and will be transported back to the race finish location.

Breakfast at finish of race

This will probably be the highlight of the entire event! All runners should plan to enjoy a great breakfast offered by Hearthside Catering and Event. Breakfast menu will be a ginormous ‘half pound’ breakfast burrito – eggs, potatoes, grilled onions, peppers, cheddar cheese, sausage, ham. Waffles with
fresh berries and whip cream. Orange juice and coffee.
See you Saturday morning!


Elevation Profile

Hel's Half Pound Elevation Profile

Course Description

How tough is HEL’s ½ Pound?

Lots of ½ marathon races boast the toughest course. Most tough courses have lots of hills. The more hills the tougher the course. Sure, there are some absolutely killer trail courses for the real animal runners, but this is a road marathon (all asphalt). Ultimately, there is one sure way to tell how tough a course is – look at the finishing times. Most lead runners will complete a ½ marathon between 1:00 and 1:15.

The infamous Pier to Peak ½ marathon in Santa Barbara, with its punishing ascent of 4,000 feet, is a tough course. Last year’s fastest finish at Pier to Peak was 1:44. Since this is HEL’s ½ Pound inaugural debut, there is no fasted finish on record. Be assured, run, walk or crawl, this course can not be completed under 2 hours!

The ascent begins immediately. With in 2 miles you are hitting grades in excess of 14%. This road destroys more brakes and transmissions than any other road in Utah! In the first 4.5 miles elvation gain is over 2600 feet! Incidently, this is the road to Powder Mountain ski resort. If you’re a local, enough said. To describe this road as steep is a cruel understatement. Winding through pines, rocky crags and along a cascading creek, its a shame the pain distracts so much from the surrounding scenery. It really is breath taking.

That said, don’t be scared away from participating in this one-of-a-kind half marathon. This is a serious feather in the cap. We invite all – young and old, male and female. There is no cut off time, so take your time. You can do it! Just completing this is a huge win in itself and bragging rights for years to come!

What's with the name?

Hel’s: Huntsville, Eden Liberty

Half: Half Marathon

Pound: It will pound your body to near oblivion.