Hel's Half Pound 2016 - Soles will Burn

“The toughest half marathon you’ll ever run!”

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Thanks 2016 Runners!



“I love the difficulty and challenge of this race, definitely the hardest race I’ve ever ran but one of the most exhilarating!”
– Billy Brown

Event Info

Race date and location:  Saturday, August 27, 2016; Wolf Creek Resort, 3718 N Wolf Creek Dr  Eden, UT 84310

Start time:  Race starts 7:00 AM    Registration and sign in: 6:00AM – 6:30 AM

Parking:  Plenty of parking at Wolf Creek Resort vicinity

Over night camping:  Tents and RV’s in field east of Eden Park (5 minutes from Wolf Creek Resort)  For camping details call Dave at 801-706-5713.

Course:  Steep asphalt road; no trail

Aid Stations (5) and porta-potties (3):  Water, Gatorade, snacks, basic first aid


Elevation Profile


Course Description

Announcing new 2015 course change!

Just when you thought this course couldn’t be any tougher!   HEL’s Half Pound’s moniker – ‘Soles Will Burn’  – more fitting than ever!

This year’s race will begin and end at Wolf Creek Resort located in Eden, UT. The new turn around point will be the Hidden Lake Lodge at Powder Mountain Resort. This new course will add an additional 900 plus feet of vertical for a whopping knee-jarring total of over 3500 feet! 3500 feet up! 3500 feet down! This course is both visually and physically breathtaking! The views are stunning! The trauma to muscles and joints is numbing! This is an out and back course – 6.55 miles up and 6.55 miles down. The ascent begins immediately, eventually winding through pines, rocky crags and cascading creeks. Its a shame the burn distracts so much from the beauty of the surrounding scenery.  Incidentally, this road destroys more brakes and transmissions than any other road in Utah! Yes, the infamous Pow Mow Road to Powder Mountain Resort. If you’re a local, enough said. To describe this road as steep is deceptively understated. The average grade on Powder Mountain Road is more than 12% with sections up to 16%! You will finish with a severe case of rubber legs.  Remember! This is a very steep course and runners will be susceptible to knee trauma, cramps, blisters and serious toe-jam! Be advised!

Aside from all the race hype, don’t be put-off from participating in this one-of-a-kind half marathon. This is a serious feather in the cap. We invite all – young and old, male and female. There is no cut off time, so take your time.  We’ll keep your breakfast burrito warm!  You can do it! Just finishing is winning!  Are you tough enough?  Bring it on!


HEL’s Half Pound’s Fastest Feet!

Pablo Garcia – 1:39:09 (2013); 1:40:20 (2014); 1:50:58 (2015)

Gary Davis – 1:42:05 (2013); 1:44:52 (2014); 1:54:16 (2015)

Nick Sourlos – 1:44:27 (2013); 1:48:05 (2015)

Mitchell Collins – 1:48:11 (2013); 1:44:39 (2014); 1:46:27 (2015)

Justin Wight – 1:48:37 (2013)

Matthew Bero – 1:50:48 (2013)

Chad James – 1:52:45 (2013)

Daniel Sowards – 1:59:41 (2014)

Julie Bryan – 1:56:28 (2015)

What's with the name?

HEL’s: Huntsville, Eden, Liberty

Half: Half Marathon

Pound: It will pound your body to near oblivion.